Poli Sci Class

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Read an Op-Ed piece.

Include the following information IN THIS ORDER:

Your NAME & Section number (Section #10853)

Title of Op-Ed piece, publisher and date

Author of Op-Ed piece.

Answers for number 1 – 8 in order. (Do not include question, answer them IN ORDER and include the number. No need for complete sentences, just use brief bullet points or short clauses to fill in the blanks.


1. The main argument (major point) the author is trying to make is ______________.

2. The author is (choose one) “for” or “against” ___________________________________.

3. The most important information (facts, experience, data) (a)_____________.

(b)__________________ (c) ______________________ (etc.)

4. The key concept(s) do we need to understand _________________________________.

5. The author makes the following assumption(s) _______________________________.

6. The conclusion the author draws is _____________________________.

7. The author calls on us to do (or not do) ___________________________________.

8. The other points of view the author has ignored are _________________________.

APA Format Please.


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