Police administration and motivations questions, law homework help

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Explain the role of a fusion center in the
day-to-day operations of a large metropolitan police agency. Do you think that
fusion centers would be very helpful to smaller agencies as well? Why or why

As a police chief using Hertzberg’s
Motivation-Hygiene Theory, what types of motivators would you use to improve
officers’ productivity?

If you were a police administrator, what do you
believe would be a reasonable span of management? In other words, how many
subordinates do you believe you could effectively supervise and why?

You are the police department’s captain in
charge of recruiting new officers while you city is having difficult economic
times. What actions would you take to ensure there is a diverse, well-qualified
pool of applicants?

Each answer must be a minimum of 500 words with 3 references in APA format each.


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