Political Rhetoric Theory Essay

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This is a short essay that asks to choose one political theory and expand upon it. My professor uses the example of invitational rhetoric, that would be an ideal choice. Let me know if you have any qestions, thanks!

Page Requirements: 2-3 pages (if header, factor that in to the length) 1” margins, double-spaced

Your paper should have an introduction, body, and conclusion. With that said, since the page requirement is short, your intro and conclusion should not take up an entire page. Your body should include these two components: Approx. two paragraphs explaining one theory we’ve discussed in class Approx. three paragraphs describing an example of this theory in action. For example, if you were to use invitational rhetoric, you would explain the reason for it, the definition, and some components of it. Then, you would pick a speech, an interview, or anything else that fits to show this theory in action.You should use one paragraph to give an overall description of the speech (or whatever you choose) and then use the other two paragraphs to highlight specific elements that you classify as components of invitational rhetoric. Be clear and direct about this connections using key concepts and explaining your connections to them.

Citation note: No reference page required, unless you use information outside of the class text.However, you must provide page numbers when you cite or discuss a portion of the readings. You should definitely be citing the reading to support.


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