Political Science – Milestone – Week 3

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Milestone: Supporting Media

In Week 2 you decided on a country for your Portfolio Project. Now, in Week 3, find a film or URL of a website about your country which you will review in Week 4. Paste the URL or film title into the Week 3 Portfolio Project Discussion called “Supporting Media.” Post the supporting media for your country reports as a reply to this thread. Make sure to cite your media correctly in APA. In addition to giving us the citation, you might also tell us briefly why you chose this supporting media. As you read the material in this week’s module, think about whether or not you can identify any philosophers who might have influenced the political environment in your country. Include this information in your week 8 Portfolio Project.

While you will not receive points in Week 3 for your posting, it is a required component of the final Portfolio Project. 

Module 3_ Interactive Lecture _ Schoology.pdf 


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