ppt presentation on chosen Digital learning platform

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need to choose a digital technology relating to English Language education, present a 15-20 minute professional presentation with the aid of a PowerPoint.  

Guidelines for ppt presentation:

1. Choose any digital learning platform which is used for English Language learning/ Teaching (choose any app or website created for ELT e.g. Duolingo)

2. Describe its characteristics, features.

3. Describe is it used English Language learning/ Teaching

4. Benefits and challenges( not just a summary, it must be an insightful analysis )

5. Go deeper and make its connections to Education

6. create
one scenario how it is used to teach students and which aspect you can teach.

7. Describe how this scenario occur, what and how to learn from this scenario

8. Give a rate out of ten for this app and explain why you rated that score.

9. PPT should be within (15-20 min)

10. Use at least 3 reputed references


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