Prepare a social media strategy for an organisation, based on the results obtained in the… 1 answer below »

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To demonstrate an understanding of the principles of of online community engagement and collaboration, and knowledge of the contribution of emergent technologies to the communication goals of an organisation, through the production of a social media strategy for an organisation

Task:Prepare a social media strategy for an organisation, based on the results obtained in the Assignment 1 Audit.

The strategy should be aligned with the Business mission and goals, and integrate with any other public relations, communications and marketing activities that are being undertaken. It should reinforce the need for, or dismiss, specific social media channels currently in use by the organisation, and recommend new ones if appropriate.

In completing the strategy, you will be expected to consider the course material in Modules 1 and 2 of the course, including:

relationships in the changing media landscapes, andmanagement implications for social media use.Format:The format of the strategy should be professional and clear in its presentation. Use of headings, diagrams, and tables are appropriate. Appendices should be used to present any detailed data, such as content calendars and schedules but reference should be made to these items in the report itself.

Referencing:All third-party material that is used in the completion of the strategy (such as academic references and online sources) are to be appropriately cited within the text of the report. Two main methods can be used: Footnoting (e.g. Chicago style) or the Hard Referencing Style. You can access UniSA’s guide to referencing here.

In addition, you may include hyperlinks to relevant information within the text of the strategy.

Marking Criteria:Student assignments will be assessed on the following criteria:

the structure and completeness of the strategy (30%)the alignment of the strategy with the business mission and goals and other communication activities (20%)the quality of the proposed activities (25%)writing conventions (grammar, spelling, punctuation) (10%)presentation of strategy (10%)referencing (5%)

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