Prepare a written Pre-Audit Analysis

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I have a tax project that i need a writer who is familiar and professional to the tax concepts and tax return stuff.

the instruction is long I’m gonna attach the requirement instruction and information. This homework project has 4 due dates beginning next week and each week thereafter.

The first part that is due next week i need to review Form 1040 and each schedule carefully. See if any of the information from one schedule might relate to another schedule – in other words, given what you see in one schedule, does that information correspond or conflict with information on another schedule. the instruction for first part is below but I need someone to do all parts.the entire instruction is attached.

Prepare a written Pre-Audit Analysis as follows (due Feb 10 before class) :

a.Identify and prepare a list of all the items on the tax return that appear to be strange, unusual, questionable, excessively large or excessively small in relation to other information on the return, etc. To do this, provide a one or two sentence explanation for each such item. That is, tell me why you identified the item & what the item tells you about the taxpayer (meaning, about his assets, about his income, about his standard of living/life style, etc.) Also, tell me if you are drawing any inferences from the dollar value of the item, how it is labeled/described on the tax return, how it is being reported or deducted.

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