presentation in Theater course Sydney Opera House, homework help

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  • This presentation used in Power Point , which mainly according to the Sydney Opera House to produce.
  • The presentations will be 4:30 and 5:00 minutes long. Due to the number of students in class, you will be asked to stop at 5:00 minutes. Presentations under 4:30 will have reduced points and will affect your overall presentation grade. It is recommended you practice your presentation prior to class to make sure it fits into the allotted time.
  1. All Power Point presentations need to be saved as a Power Point Presentation or a .ppsx file to preserve your fonts and formatting. It is recommended that you save the Power Point in two formats – as a .ppt or .pptx format AND a .ppsx format. The .ppsx is an uneditable file type. Plan ahead and practice your presentation with the technology.
  1. You will provide two bibliographies for your project – one for research sources and one for images used in your presentation. A minimum of three research sources, used for main content, must be used for this assignment. You must have at least one print source. Wikipedia cannot be a source used for this project. The written portion of this assignment need to be in Times New Roman font, 12pt. with 1” margins. You are encouraged to do your presentation from your outline and not from a typed essay. Reading your presentation from an outline will reduce your points and will affect your overall presentation grade.

Oral Presentation Deadlines:

  • One the day of your presentation, you will turn in the following as an upload to Canvas:
    • Research source bibliography
    • Image bibliography
    • Power Point presentation, link to your Prezi or other visual elements
    • Final draft of your presentation outline.


First Initial, Last Name, Oral _________________________.

The blank is filled in with the portion of the assignment you are turning in.


J, Doe, Oral Image Bibliography

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