Products & services page 10 of business plan

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For an Ecommerce Business

Do you sell a physical product, a service, a digital product (such as eBooks) or some combination of these?

If selling physical products, how do you brand and package them?

Do you sell on your own website, online marketplaces (such as Amazon) or both?

What technology providers and platforms do you use to run your ecommerce site?

o Web hosting service

o Web design service

o Shopping cart provider

o Payment processing service

o Fulfillment & shipping services

o Email marketing services

Can the solutions you’ve chosen quickly scale up or down as needed?

Where do you get your products? Do you manufacture them in-house, buy them from manufacturers or use drop shippers?

What are your customer service policies? Are they consistent with industry expectations?

Do you use any proprietary technology of your own? If so, what advantages does that give you?

Does your business also have a brick-and-mortar store, or is one planned for the future?

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