Professional issues in nursing #2

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Discuss the influence of the Advanced Practice Nurse in Healthcare Facilities providing efficient care to patients.

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discuss the influence of the advanced practice nurse in healthcare facilities providing efficient care to patients the shortage of nurse has been a very common issue in the healthcare sector whereby various factors has been contributing to the issues being recurrent and thus having common issues resulting from the problem being observed the addition of the nurses in the advanced practice in the emergency setting and also in the various sectors would help to have the healthcare services being provided by the health experts such as the health physicians would have the greater attention to the patients who are looking for the services in the healthcare industry the aprns are considered to be the nurses who are noted to have met the advanced education and the clinical requirements practice and other related services which are there in the community-based setting these nurses are noted to be having different implications which bring about a positive influence on the nursing profession also it improves the time factor in the consultation and eth treatment of the various patient in the healthcare industry due to the fact of having enough nurses in the healthcare facilities zaccagnini pechacek 2019 in addition to that it also helps to have the cost-saving being achieved in the healthcare services which the patients would be undergoing when there is a shortage of the employees the cost of the services being provided is noted to be having an increase in the services which are being looked for an example in terms of the long distances in the look of the healthcare services lack quality services which would lead into more losses being incurred on the various services thus they help on having the patient satisfaction being achieved based on the cost which has been incurred which is noted as being affordable and thus being able to have all the patients or person looking for the services to be able to afford these services in the healthcare industry there is also patient satisfaction with the quality of the services which has been provided and thus remaining reliable in dealing with the various patients needs and thus remaining very important for their health schober 2017 the aprns also help on having the reduction of the mortality rates which are noted to be on the rise in the earlier years whereby which has been due to poor health services which are being provided the mortality rates are reduced by having the needed number of the health professional in the provision of the various services and also having enough research and methods employed which would help on reducing the death rates of the young children as even the community will be educated on measures to take to reduce the effects the aprns also help in reducing the length of stay on the looking of the healthcare services thus helping on reducing nay death being recorded on various diseases and also on the cases which are having emergency considerations and thus improving the quality of the healthcare services zaccagnini pechacek 2019 the aprns also help in having the education provision to different communities such as on the healthcare services which are being provided and achieving the overall effect of having a healthy community they also help on having the empowerment of the communities towards the selfcare service based on the education which has been provided and also helps on having some levels of empathy and even compassion to the different patients based on the services which are being provided the advanced nurse also helps in the management of chronic illness and also diseases that are there in the communities thus having the overall goal in the healthcare industry of having a community that is health-wise fine hamlin university of new hampshire new hampshire lynette ament hamlin 2014 references hamlin l university of new hampshire new hampshire lynette ament hamlin 2014 advanced practice nursing contexts of care jones bartlett publishers schober m 2017 strategic planning for advanced nursing practice springer zaccagnini m pechacek j m 2019 the doctor of nursing practice essentials a new model for advanced practice nursing jones bartlett learning

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