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American Government

Current Events Assignment/ Fall 2013


You will work on a series of current assignments that will focus on American Government in relation to the course.  This journal will require you to read, summarize, and react to current events that are the focus of articles written in the resources listed below.All articles used for this assignment must contain themes or issues relate to the topics we cover in each of the five units.  These units are:


·         Political Philosophy & Foundations of American Government

·         Political Ideology (Liberal, Moderate, Conservative)

·         Political Parties and Elections

·         Civil Liberties

·         Constitution (Branches of government/State Government)

 You will be required to complete one current event article per week.


There will be due dates throughout the semester.  On each due date you will be required to have completed summaries/reactions to the articles.  You must use feature articles from the following sources:

USA Today (hard copy or online)

Time Magazine (hard copy or online)

The New York Times (hard copy or online)

Newsweek Magazine (hard copy or online)

The Chicago Tribune (hard copy or online)

The Chicago Sun Times (hard copy or online)

The Washington Post (hard copy or online)


Articles must have been published between Aug. 2013 and Dec. 2013.  There will be 15 articles due; each article is worth 10 points, for an overall value of 150 points.  All work should be done on the forms I provide and must be hand written.  Don’t copy or plagiarize.  If you do, the provider and the copier will receive a zero for the complete set of five articles.  Use your own words and thoughts in your analysis.  You must do one article per week.


The Due dates are:

                                    G Day                                                 B Day

                                    September 13, 2013                            September 12, 2013

                                    October 24, 2013                                October 25, 2013

                                    December 5, 2013                               December 6, 2013


Failure to adhere to any of the following request will result in a zero for the assignment:

1.      All work is to be completed on the forms that I provide for you. 

2.      All of your work must be hand written. 

3.      No typed articles will be accepted. 

4.      Please do not submit the article itself. 

5.      Complete all of the sections on the form.  You must do one article for each week.


You should also be prepared to discuss these articles in class.


Any questions should be directed toward Mr. Prangen

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