Project #2 week9

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The project report should be prepared according to the following guidelines: 1. Summarize the project
ISM 31800 E-Business Strategy Page3

2. Answer all the questions 3. Integrate the relevant course materials and research findings 4. Summarize conclusions and lessons learned

The report should be written in a professional style as follows: 1. Have a cover page including the project title, each team member’s name and contact information, date, etc. 2. The pages should be numbered in the footer 3. At least 5 pages in length (1.5 line spacing, including the cover page) 4. 1” or less in all the page margins 5. Time New Roman font (size: 12) in the text body

Your report will be turned in to an anti-plagiarism system to identify any unoriginal material, so please write in your own words. Direct quote is acceptable as long as the literature is properly cited. When your paper is checked, a report will be returned to show the percentage of original text which is in your document. Your paper will be penalized with a one percentage point reduction for each percentage point above 10 of unoriginal text.

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