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  1. Creative Project: Over the course of the semester, students will be working individually on a creative project that ties together all of the novels we have read over the semester. Thegeneral theme of the project will be “Good versus Evil”, but the mode for which the projectis presented is up to the student. These projects can be videos, a piece of creative writing, an artistic piece, a brochure or marketing plan, a presentation, or a traditional researchpaper. The goal is to connect the project to the student’s major, so students will work withthe instructor to choose a project type and general direction. More details will be found on Moodle as the semester progresses.

the project will be about the lonely mountain and its wealth in the book the Hobbit, will be a portfolio about the mountain, how should be distributed between the dwarves , Elvis , Baggins and mens, so it keep the peace to help them overcome the wars that face them all, and how it actually discussed in the book and end up with war of five Armes. the theme should be good versus evil.

Here is summary for the book attached to the file , with citation

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