Provide a concise statement of the aims and significance of the project in plain language…. 1 answer below »

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Human Ethics Case Study

1. Introduction: What are ethical considerations in research?

2. Your project

2.1. Project Title

2.2. Project Summary: including aim and detailed procedures

Provide a concise statement of the aims and significance of the project in plain language. Include

all details relating to the methodology, recruitment strategy, data collection techniques, the

tasks participants will be asked to do, an estimate of the time commitment involved, and

methods of data analysis.

3. Your participants

3.1. Participant details

Detail the number of participants being recruited, whether there is expected to be a gender

imbalance (and explain why), the age range of the participants, rationale for total participant


3.2. Participant selection

What are the inclusion and exclusion criteria for your study? Please also include justification for

each criterion?

4. Recruitment

4.1. Where will participants be approached or recruited?

How will potential participants be approached and informed about the research and how will

they notify the investigators of their interest in participating?

Will participants be offered any type of financial incentive or other compensation? If yes, provide

details of any types of reward or compensation that will be offered to participants

4.2. Informed consent

Explain in detail how informed consent will be obtained and recorded. Please also detail whether

participants will be informed of their right to withdraw from participating in the study at any

time, and how you will do this.

5. Risks

5.1. Potential risks

You must consider any and all risks (no matter how unlikely), in both the short and long term.

Detail what form of risks there may be (physical, psychological, financial, legal). Explain the type

and degree of risks or potential harm to any individuals.


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