PSY390 Research Methods

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Research Evaluation (90 marks)

A core component of PSY390 is research literacy — the ability to read and write about research. This TMA is an opportunity for you to demonstrate your competence in this area. To that end, you are invited to critique a journal article reporting a mixed-methods study.

The article for this TMA is:

Alt, D. (2017). Students’ social media engagement and fear of missing out (FoMO) in a diverse classroom. Journal of Computing in Higher Education, 29(2), 388-410.…

The journal article is available via the SUSS library.

Draw on the information found in the article, PSY390 course content, and your own analytical skills as you respond to the following questions.

Please use the questions below to guide your critique of the study. As you can see, you would focus mostly on those sections of the article that report methodology and methods. Given your word limit for this TMA, you should write clear, succinct answers that are mini essays for each respective section.

Please focus on the relevant sections within each paper to address the questions and, where necessary, reference your work in accordance with APA guidelines (e.g., statement raised in the paper that may support your answer and has been cited by Alt, 2017). It is not necessary to repeatedly cite the author from the article (e.g., Alt, 2017) when direct points from each paper (e.g., the research design, sampling size) are used to answer the same question.

(Total Word Limit: 1,500 words)

1. Research Approach and Methodology

Demonstrate your understanding of the different philosophical beliefs and assumptions that have informed the article by Alt (2017) through:

(a) Examining Alt’s probable worldview that has shaped the mixed-methods design and provide a balanced discussion of the respective strengths and weaknesses of these paradigmatic assumptions.

(b) Apply your knowledge of ontology and epistemology and reflect on how your personal beliefs and assumptions may influence your interpretation of findings by Alt (2017).

(30 marks, 500 words)

2. Sampling and Data Collection

(a) Identify and evaluate the sampling and data collection methods used in each respective component of the article’s mixed-methods design (i.e., quantitative and qualitative methods) by examining the various strengths and limitations of these methods.

(b) Apply your knowledge of research methods and propose one change to address a sampling and data collection limitation raised in 2(a) for the quantitative methods and qualitative methods, respectively (e.g., one quantitative methods recommendation and one qualitative methods recommendation). Ensure each recommendation is supported with evidence from the extant literature.

(30 marks, 500 words)

3. Research Quality

Apply your knowledge regarding the assessment and judgement of research quality by:

(a) Comparing and contrasting the different criteria used by Alt (2017) to demonstrate the quality of this research.

(b) Identifying areas that may require attention in regard to research quality and proposing ways and means, with relevant justification and rationale, to help address these gaps in the study by Alt (2017).

(30 marks, 500 marks)

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