Question 1 CMC (Coastal Medical Center) Case Study: Questions On the basis of the business plan you developed in Chapter 7 and the outline you created in Chapter 4, present a strategic plan for Co

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Question 1

CMC (Coastal Medical Center) Case Study:


  1. On the basis of the business plan you developed in Chapter 7 and the outline you created in Chapter 4, present a strategic plan for Coastal Medical Center (CMC) as if you were addressing its board and senior leadership.
  2. Over the past two years, CMC has experienced declining performance. Develop a motivating statement that will generate support among CMC’s employees for the implementation of the strategic plan. Also, make three suggestions for delivering an effective presentation on CMC’s financial data.
  3. In the future, when CMC allocates its resources during the strategic planning process, which is more important: developing the strategic plan or communicating the strategic plan?

Question 2

Individual Exercise:

Hispaniola is an island in the Caribbean that is divided into two nations, Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Complete the following table below using the Nation Master website.

Dominican Republic            Haiti                             United States


Population growth


Murder rate

Drinkable water

Gross domestic product per capita

Infant mortality

Life expectancy


This is the book to use

Required Readings: Course Text- Essentials of Strategic Planning in Healthcare, Jeffrey P. Harrison, 2nd edition, 2016, Health Administration Press Chicago, Illinois. ISBN: 978-1-56793-791-6.

Question 1 CMC (Coastal Medical Center) Case Study: Questions On the basis of the business plan you developed in Chapter 7 and the outline you created in Chapter 4, present a strategic plan for Co
Tannia Rodriguez February 11, 2022 CMS Case Study Question 1: Marketing plan The first strategy is to market the Audit-focus to increase OPD and IPD revenue. This can be done by increasing the staff members’ satisfaction rate, which is aimed towards raising their morale. The referral base for outpatient should also be expanded. It’s also important to conduct marketing campaigns for the key services offered in the institution. The company should also consider applying key marketing strategies. The first strategy is to set up promotion services lines that should be used to improve C.M.C.’s current market position. The following methods can be used. Method involved includes using social media to campaign on the company’s successes and also its strategies on solving problems related to substance abuse. Social media should also explain the company’s key services lines that the customers should expect. It can also sponsor some events within the local community, especially events that aim to control substance abuse. Hosting health programs within the community also enables the institution to create more awareness of its services. It was improving its current organizational culture. This strategy should create a more conducive working environment for all workers. This increases its work retention rate and also the type of services offered to clients. It should also invest in researching the needs of the employees and how they can be motivated to improve their service delivery. Efficient services within the institution are one way to help the company market itself to new clients. The company should also focus on improving communication skills in all departments, which leads to the creation of a team aligned to the institutional objectives. Effective communication among members of various departments enables the company to increase efficiency when serving the clients. Question 2: Marketing initiatives to improve clinical workload The first step is to create a patient satisfaction platform that will enable each patient to share their experience regarding the services offered by the institution. The clinic will use the information shared to develop appropriate strategies that will enable the institution to improve its services. The institution should also market itself for long-term care services in various businesses and other institutions. The website speaks a lot about the company. Therefore, the institution should market it through Facebook, Google, and other networking platforms. The institution should also improve its facilities, including coming up with hospital-owned medical offices. This will allow other physicians to refer patients to the hospital for surgeries. Consideration should be made on opening physical therapy in the office and a rehabilitation facility. Question 3: Developing the CMC marketing plan A CMC marketing plan requires an experienced team that is also willing to take diverse steps for the improvement of the institution. The following personnel should be involved in the process: The chief executive officer: They are to be consulted for the organization’s decision-making. Board of directors: They are necessary for consultations at the beginning of the planning process to reach an agreement at the beginning of the project planning. Chief financial officer: The officer is necessary during the progress of the planning so that to account for all costs and budgeting of the project. Chief Information Officer: They offer analysis of the system’s designs during planning. Consultants: They give guidance at the beginning of the plan after receiving strategic plan feedback from the Board of directors. Chief Nursing Officer: The officer is often consulted at the implementation stage of policy development. Medical Staff: The staff is consulted after feedback on strategic plans has been received. Question 4: Health information technologies Tele-health: This will enable the institution to monitor its patients for OPD and IPD which also facilities communication between various providers. The institution will be able to achieve what other healthcare institutions may not be at a position to offer currently. Electronic medical records (EMR). This improves the communication process between staff members and reduces errors when handling patient records. The institution will also be able to serve several patients within a short period of time. Clinical information systems: it improves the quality of care offered to clients and improves the institution’s decision-making process. The institution is also able to run activities more efficiently through quick access to all important patients’ data. Question 5: strategic IT plan for CMC The first plan is to expand the uses of I.T. within the institution. Some of the strategies that can be used to achieve this include developing Electronic Medical Records that will be used in everyday operations. Another strategy is to increase the number of IT team and also retrain them. Encouraging the use of mobile technologies among providers will also important. Real time healthcare services should also be provided to the patients. This is aimed towards improving the quality of healthcare services. The website should be user-friendly to both the patients and the doctors to achieve this. Question 6: Who should be involved in I.T. strategic planning? The chief information officer will be the first individual to be involved in the plan. Is will be responsible for managing all I.T. systems in the institution. He will also be involved in developing the most appropriate system’s design and the outcome of various analyses. The plan will also include consultants who will assist in analyzing all the feedback received from the stakeholders. Question 7: Analyzing the success of the plan The institution has set clear objectives which they intend to achieve. The system’s success will be measured depending on how far it has gone as far as meeting the set objectives is concerned. The success of the system will also be determined depending on the type of feedback that the patients will give regarding the quality of services offered. are directly affected by the new system. In case they experience difficulties, it means that changes should be made so that to make it user friendly. The users can include doctors in the institution. Reference: Harrison, J. P., & Association of University Programs in Health Administration. (2016). Essentials of strategic planning in healthcare (Vol. 1). Chicago: Health Administration Press.
Question 1 CMC (Coastal Medical Center) Case Study: Questions On the basis of the business plan you developed in Chapter 7 and the outline you created in Chapter 4, present a strategic plan for Co
Tannia Rodriguez February 2, 2022 SWOT Analysis for CMC Strengths Termination of the former CMC, CEO Ron Henderson CEO Richard Reynold hiring process (Harrison, 2016) The market advantage experienced by CMC in drug and substance abuse Offices are owned by the company Weaknesses Inflated cost of health care Lack of diversity in the board of management of CMC Lack of a proper leadership development strategy Excess cost of labor, purchase of materials, and purchase of services Poor project management and a subsidiary of competitor’s services Unauthorized medical reimbursement Expenses incurred per patient in the hospital Improper billing of services Opportunities  Introduction of new clinical protocols and practices Collaboration and partnership with the community in projects Investors to invest in information technologies to manage the health care system New external business opportunities that are significant to CMC Positive growth of population Threats The political and economic crisis that may affect the operation of CMC Pending legal cases of CMC (Harrison, 2016) Presence of charity care Increased Medicaid admissions Competitors like Lutheran medical center Increased rates of unemployment Factors to Consider for CMC to go back to Track The new CEO should establish a dashboard that shows and clarifies the organizational goals and objectives. The new CEO should establish a proper organizational leadership structure.  The new CEO should come up with a comprehensive organizational strategic plan, and the plan should be updated in monthly intervals to track performance. The new CEO should establish a good quality improvement system to gather information about how the organizations can improve its performance in service delivery. The new CEO should come up with an effective project management strategy to manage the organizational project. The new CEO should focus on establishing a budget that entails financial predictions, cost, and profit analysis. Strategic Planning Process for CMC The strategic planning process for the new CEO of CMC is Goals-based planning because it is structured to increase the participation of everyone in the organization in the planning.  1. Coastal Medical Center’s goals The CEO should renew or revise the organization’s mission statement b) The CEO should renew or revise the organization’s vision and values 2. The CEO should come up with a strategic planning process that includes:  Organization’s internal structure analysis in terms of:  Organizational culture Organizational financial resources practices Organizational access to a capital market Organizations human resource Organization external factors, which include: Economic factors that affect the organization Environmental factors that affect the organization Patient social, economic, and demographic factors Profile of the organization’s competitors   3. Development factors that may lead to the success of the organization 4. Analyze gaps of the organization:  Determining factors that affect the organization internally  Determining factors that affect the organization externally  5. Performing a SWOT analysis 6. Planning of the organization’s operations 7. Evaluation of performance/dashboard Current Problem in the ED Data The current problem in the ED data provided is that the number of patients who received treatment in the emergency department was lower than the number of patients who walked out of the medical center without receiving any treatment.  Potential lost revenue  The potential lost revenue for Coastal Medical Center is calculated by comparing the annual number of patients who left without undergoing any treatment and the annual number of patients who got treatment times the amount paid.  The number who got treatment=24700 Cost per patient =$1500 Number of patients who left without treatment=36400        (36400*1500)- (24700*1500) 54600000-37050000=17550000 is the potential annual loss for CMC. The Potential Loss of Downstream Hospital Revenue from ED Admissions that Walked Out The potential revenue loss is calculated by the number of patients who left without treatment multiplied by the amount paid per patient. Cost per patient =$1500 Number of patients who left without treatment=36400 (36400*1500)=54600000 is the annual loss downstream Recommendations to the Coastal Medical Center CEO 1. The new CEO should motivate the medical officers to perform practices that make patients comfortable during treatment. 2. The new CEO should use modernized technologies that reduce each patient’s time for treatment. References Harrison, J. P., & Association of University Programs in Health Administration. (2016). Essentials of strategic planning in healthcare (Vol. 1). Chicago, IL: Health Administration Press.
Question 1 CMC (Coastal Medical Center) Case Study: Questions On the basis of the business plan you developed in Chapter 7 and the outline you created in Chapter 4, present a strategic plan for Co
Tannia Rodriguez February 1, 2022 Coastal Medical Center Role of Board in Checking Performance Yes, the board of directors plays a critical role in measuring the hospital’s performance. This performance is measured through the CEO, who reports to the board. The CEO is a member of the board of directors, and he is responsible for the board and how the organization is performing. The CEO comes up with a continuous quality performance system. The performance is measured by developing a continuous quality improvement system that addresses the idea that no service is perfect. The organization should continue to eliminate errors to get closer to perfection in delivering services. The continuous quality improvement system compares the results of an organization to that of the national standards, and this comparison brings about the identification of errors and improvements. Inspections, internal surveys, customer satisfaction surveys are used to gather information about the organization’s delivery system. This performance evaluation is done annually. With the Coastal Medical Center, the new CEO conducted the evaluation. He compared national personnel standards to CMC during his first few weeks (Harrison, 2016). He did this for transitional consultants, executive members, and managers. Role of Board of Management in Accountability of the Strategic Plan Yes, the board plays a critical role in holding the management accountable for achieving the strategic plan. Board meetings and strategic planning board retreats increase the board’s involvement in the strategic plan. The board plans for a CEO who will be an interface between the board and the organization’s performance. CMC’s board evaluates the leadership responsibilities of the CEO (Harrison, 2016). It challenges assumptions during the strategic planning process to make sure the strategic plan is aligned with the organization’s mission. Also, it appoints a strategic planning committee that plans, implements, and evaluates the strategic plan. Steps in Implementing Transformational Leadership  Step 1: Create Vision For people to follow a leader, the leader needs to come up with a vision for the future. The vision communicates the team’s purpose in the organization. This vision must be developed by understanding the values people have, the capabilities of the workforce, and the resources. This vision should also comply with the CMC’s mission and vision and come up with strategies that can be used to achieve it. Step 2: Motivate to Deliver the Vision Develop a mission statement that appeals to the workforce values and motivates them to deliver the vision statement. The individuals must picture and appreciate the importance of the vision statement (Lehmann-Willenbrock et al., 2015). Link individuals with tasks that help them contribute and help them understand their importance to the organization’s vision. Step 3: Manage the Delivery of the Vision Communicate their responsibilities and roles clearly and connect this information to your plan. Set clear goals, including short-term goals that can be achieved within a short period, and connect them to a long-term goal. Establish a clear communication strategy within CMC. Step 4: Build Strong Relationships with Your workforce Transformation leadership entails focusing on the workforce and helping them achieve their set goals and objectives. Offer honest interactions, develop a skilled workforce, help them find solutions to day-to-day errors, build strong relations and the success of a transformational leader. Reference Harrison, J. P., & Association of University Programs in Health Administration. (2016). Essentials of strategic planning in healthcare (Vol. 1). Chicago, IL: Health Administration Press. Lehmann-Willenbrock, N., Meinecke, A. L., Rowold, J., & Kauffeld, S. (2015). How transformational leadership works during team interactions: A behavioral process analysis. The Leadership Quarterly, 26(6), 1017-1033.

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