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  Please answer each questions separately and provide a credible source at the end of each answered question. Question must be answered in a complete paragraph. 


Choose one of the Family Policy Topics (below) and present a debate, where YOU take both sides. You will also use this topic as a basis for Assignment 2. In Discussion 5, tell us what topic you’ve chosen and present information defending one side of the debate on that topic. (For Discussion 6 you will need to defend the opposite side of the debate.)

Family Policy Topics

(This is a work in progress—help us improve this list! What should we add, subtract, or modify?)

1. work and family

2. elderly care

3. homelessness

4. teen pregnancy

5. mental illness

6. juvenile justice

7. health care

8. domestic violence

9. gambling

10. poverty

11. homosexual rights

12. special education

13. childcare

14. defining marriage

15. war and the family

16. education

17. economy

18. imprisonment for marijuana use

19. racial disparities in imprisonment rates

20. family medical leave

21. minimum wage

22. immigration

23. divorce laws

24. paid maternity/paternity leave

25. Early intervention programs 


So what exactly is a gatekeeper? Well, the decision makers you need to set appointments with are very busy people. A gatekeeper is usually someone who reports to the decision maker, with a title such as office manager, administrative assistant, secretary, etc. Their job is to screen phone calls, only allowing what they perceive as the most important to get through. For this discussion, your task is to do some outside research and share what you consider the “most creative” ways to bypass the gatekeeper and reach the decision maker.

Part II: Please review the Ultimate Toolkit video provided below on how to set an appointment with a decision maker once you get past the gatekeeper. Although the overall approach of this particular salesperson could be improved upon, he does the most important things required to secure an appointment very well. After reviewing the video, please share your thoughts on what was done well in the video, and what could be improved upon. Please be sure to explain your answer. No references are needed for Part II of this discussion since it is opinion based and the video is provided.
Please know that the video file below is large, and will take approximately 20-30 seconds to open.


Locate one social news/news aggregation website that is of interest to you. What about that site draws your interest? Is there content related to your business (industry)? How could you incorporate this website into your marketing plan? Please provide the URL of the website.


Explain family interaction patterns that may be observed when a child is terminally ill. Why is it important for the child life specialist to understand and assess the families different interaction patterns and how can the child life specialist support the whole family when their child is terminally ill.  


What are the biggest cybersecurity threats in your industry? How can you manage these threats?


Ethics – Relationship of Corporate Governance to Corporate Social Responsibility


eReserve Required Readings re:

BP Gulf Oil spill
and corporate social responsibility (CSR) Readings.


What was key corporate decision point that defines BP’s  ethical dilemma in this case study? Which ethical frameworks characterizes BP’s decision? In your initial Discussion post, be sure to include the following three areas: 

· Explain how the philosophy of Milton Friedman might have played a role in BP management’s decisions leading up to the disaster.

· Explain the role of the ethical framework called “egoism” in the decisions made by BP relating to this disaster.

· Explain how CSR and theories of sustainability such as triple bottom line could have led BP to make different decisions and avoid the disaster. What would have been the corporate considerations and decision making process?


1. Explain the government structure in the United States to include a discussion about representative democracy and constitutional republic. 

2. How do the principles of federalism impact policing?  

3. What rights and protections are afforded to American citizens in the Bill of Rights? 


discuss/debate with your classmates about the early history of the criminal theory and its application to crime control i.e., Positivist School vs. Classical School, plus gender, class, and race as they relate to crime. Also, discuss if racial profiling is justifiable? Ever? If the answer is yes, discuss how effective the profiling must be to remain justified? If the answer is no, do the events of 9/11 suggest a justification for other forms of ethnic profiling?


Are leaders born, or are they trained? How has the history of leadership evolved around the world to reflect this question? What are the implications of your perspective in health care settings?

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