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For each topic create Five questions that could serve to probe the areas that you feel most need to be considered about those topics. you must consider some of the following general questions:

  • What are the social issues surrounding the topic? (Maybe rank them in order of relevance/importance.)
  • Who are the affected individuals or groups?
  • Regarding those affected individuals or groups, what are the respective profits or losses that might result or already have resulted from being on either side of the issue.
  • What are the potential or real costs (tangible and intangible) resulting from what is at issue?
  • Are either individual rights or laws infringed upon?
  • Regarding language used in the discussion of these issues, what key terms need to be explored in order to be understood fully, and in what ways might we expect that they have been or are likely to be partially understood or misunderstood altogether?
  • Consider some examples of aspects of this issue. Are all examples exact and of good quality, or are some examples only similar but essentially not representative of the same thing (that which is at issue)? If so, in what ways might they differ, and why is that relevant to understanding the issue?

First Topic: Death penalty

Second Topic: Property taxes such as house taxes

For the comment:

You need to write two paragraphs with minimum of 5 sentences each paragraph

Note: I will be provided the info about the comment

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