quick general extra credit developmental psyc ess

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Greetings, I know this is a quick turnaround but I figured
why not. I need a paper that’s just regular essay format for psyc 235
developmental psyc. I need it to be 5 pages long with a very strict
bibliography. Its an extra credit assignment. The report just needs to
answer why folic acid is important for fetal development, I’ve found
alot of info so far just by googling on google scholar.  All sources
must be academic, the paper is put through a special program for
plagerism so it needs to be cited especially and mostly in your words if
it is possible. I absolutely need it by Saturday am at the latest thats
why im willing to pay so much, more if its really good. i understand its a quick turnaround. If
you can do this I will use you all the time, its my first time using
this site!! Have a great day! Thanks so much!! -D


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