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Critical Reflection Papers
General Instructions
Each week we cover a variety of topics falling in the larger thematic area of our class. At times, we view part of a film or a documentary or other forms of media, including written material. Other times we’ll simply be reflecting on our discussion and lecture material.
My questions/issues posed to you (overall) ask that you apply your critical thinking skills to discuss the themes in question with what we’re reading and talking about in class. These Critical Reflections are meant only to help you think through the issues we’re grappling with in class, so there usually will be no direct right or wrong answer. A solid paper engages our reading assignments along with the media text(s) in question and class discussion. Remember it’s an open format: I want to see how you’re digesting the material, but you will need to remember to engage all of the material for each topic. That said, please do not give me the answer you think I seek from you. Also, this is not a journal – it’s a thoughtful, college-level essay.
Do not simply give a review or your opinion of the text/s. Rather, use your critical thinking skills to discuss how it deals with the various representation(s). For instance, if you’re writing a paper on a clip from a series of commercials you watch, you would write about how they ‘deal’ with sex and sexuality. Is it a clear focus? How so? Again, your critical reflections are not graded on a right or wrong basis. I want you to have fun with these. Include a critical examination of what your reaction is to the text and its subject matter. An important question to ask yourself is, “What am I getting out of this?” The questions I pose to you will attempt to elicit these responses.
For your second Critical Reflection, I want you to consider the film, “Half of Anything” and privilege for American Indian Peoples. There are four people interviewed for this film: Sherman Alexie (链接到外部网站。), John Trudell (链接到外部网站。), Christina Entrekin, and Deborah Bassett. The overarching question in this film, put to each speaker is, “What is a real Indian?” For this paper, think about the question and how you might answer it. Why would you answer it in this way? Choose one person’s story and discussion from the film and reflect on their answer, your answer, the concept of privilege, and why the question has been asked at all. Connect that reasoning to the concept of privilege as you write your paper.
Your paper should be 2-3 pages long. Follow the Required Writing Guidelines in the syllabus. Not doing so will result in docked points.
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