Read and write about 10 press releases in the same industry

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Read and write about 10 press releases in the same industry from this website


COM 359 – Writing Assignment – Press Release Evaluation

Backstory: Press releases remain the heart and soul of public relations writing. The best way to understand the good and bad writing that occurs in the industry is to actually READ releases on a regular basis.

At this point in your career, you should read releases from a variety of perspectives. Imagine that you’re a reporter – be critical and suspicious of releases, but understand that they are essential to your job. Read as the CEO – your company’s reputation (as well as your own) is being represented in this work. Think like a student – what can you learn from these releases, what is there that you can use to improve your writing? And, look at the releases as if a colleague wrote them and wants your opinion.


  • Follow the industry of your choice for two (2) weeks.
  • Focus on press releases and analyze them from a variety of viewpoints (mentioned above).
  • You must read at least ten (10) press releases.
  • Write a 5-page (typed, double-spaced, Times New Roman) paper that assesses what you learned about the industry and its releases.
  • Separately, list the single best quote you saw and the worst quote.

The releases can be from any industry you choose or across multiple organizations. Have fun with the assignment…remember, variety is the spice of life.

Grading Criteria:

Grammar/Spelling: 25 pts

Content/Style: 75 pts

Total: 100 pts

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