Read the attaached articles and write the paper as per the requirements.

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Wrire a 4 page paper which should contain the following. Should be in APA format.

  1. Introduction
  2. Background and Significance of Study
  3. Literature Review.
  4. Research Design and Methods
  5. Conclusion

References for tthe attached pdfs:

Lev, B., & Barros, L. (1999). Project Risk Management. Interfaces, 29(4), 119–121. Retrieved from

Luko, S. (2013). Risk Management Principles and Guidelines. Quality Engineering, 25(4), 451–454.

Sauer, C., Gemino, A., & Reich, B. H. (2007). The IMPACT of SIZE and VOLATILITY ON IT PROJECT PERFORMANCE. Communications of the ACM, 50(11), 79–84.

Wallace, L., Keil, M., & Rai, A. (2004). How Software Project Risk Affects Project Performance: An Investigation of the Dimensions of Risk and an Exploratory Model. Decision Sciences, 35(2), 289–321.

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