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fter taking the initial self-diagnostic survey, p.14-17 and scoring yourself with these 2-items/life trap, pick the two strongest life trap (LT) scores you have( See the attached results), and read the relevant book chapters pertaining to these life traps (LTs). Please recognize that many of the cases presented in this book are extreme, since these are based on client cases. The general point is that each of us has life traps to some degree, which is important to acknowledge. IF we do not recognize and deal with these LTs they may become worse over time and harder to change. Most of the cases discussed are non-work related, but don’t most of us bring “non-work” issues to work and vice-a-versa? I would emphasize higher scores more now (versus as a child, up to 12). Confirm there’s a good fit for a LT by answering the 10-item measure at the beginning of the LT chapter. If not a good fit, look at your other initial LT scores (p.14-17). I want to get into small groups to share a common LT. If there’s 1 of the 2 LTs you do not want to share please let me know in your RP below (#6), but I need to put each person in a LT group.

( I attached a copy of the book)

Answer in your RP:

  1. What are your 2 strongest adult LTs now?; was there much change in your child to adult scores?
  2. What role did your primary caregivers and/or peers play in these LTs?
  3. How do these LTs affect you now, around work/school and non-work?
  4. What can you change to be a more effective leader/manager?; please be specific (to help you commit to change)!
  5. Would you change any items to measure a LT?
  6. Use this book again, why/why not?One (of 2) LTs to NOT share in a small common group?

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