reliablity and validity and police history

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 1. Reliability and Validity – Reliability and validity are similar but also different, thus a measure can be reliable and not valid.  Job exit interviews have been found to be reliable but not valid.  Explain why exit interviews may not be valid.

Discussion Board Guidelines:  Explain answer in at least 250 words. Provide at least two academic sources (wiki sites and the course text are not acceptable). 

2. Use this module’s study activities and other sources of information on the Internet to learn more about the three (3) main eras in American policing, Politica Era, Reform Era, and Community Era. Explain in your post the main characteristics of each of those three eras. Additionally, identify the main current and future challenges for American policing.   

Discussion Board Guidelines: Your post must contain a clear description of each era + at least three (3) current and three (3) future challenges for a total of six (6) and two (2) questions about the content of your post to be answered by your peers. Refer & cite current resources in your answer.  

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