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Hi class, 

I choose Option #2


I gather my mail and notice that my energy bill exceeds the norm. According to Rafati et al. (2022), heat, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems are some of the most energy-intensive equipment. Their faulty or inefficient operation can significantly increase energy bills.


  1. My energy bill is high this year, what can I do to lower my energy cost?


  1. There are several things that can be done to save on the energy bill: for 3 months keep the thermostat at a comfortable temperature, seal up any air leaks throughout the home, and have air condition service regularly.


  1. If these steps are followed, I will save on my energy bill.


  1. Follow these tips of keeping the thermostats (controlled variable) at a comfortable, sealing up leaks throughout the home, and getting HVAC service regularly and track my bills monthly to see the change.

Analysis – 

  1. I saw a decrease in my energy bill within the 3 months. 

Conclusion –

  1. The hypothesis was supported by the results of the experiment, the bill decreases once those tips were implemented in the home within 3 months.


Rafati, A., Shaker, H. R., & Ghahghahzadeh, S. (2022). Fault Detection and Efficiency Assessment for HVAC Systems Using Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring: A Review. Energies, 15(1), 341. to an external site.

Bauer, R. (2018). Introduction to Chemistry (5th ed.). McGraw-Hill Higher Education (US). to an external site.

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