Research Paper In a Word document, team members will collaboratively write a team research paper. You will use the approved topic from your research proposal. I have attached the word doc (BIG DATA

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Research Paper

In a Word document, team members will collaboratively write a team research paper. You will use the approved topic from your research proposal.

I have attached the word doc (BIG DATA TOPIC PROPOSAL )research proposal below. Kindly work on the base of the doc.

(course name: cloud computing)


  • The team research paper should be 16 – 20 pages in length (deductions will apply if page count is not observed)
  • Contain at least 3 – 5 references (At least 2 of the references should be peer-reviewed articles written within the last 5 years)
  • The paper should be written using APA 7th edition guidelines for student papers
  • The paper should include a title page and reference page (page count does not include title and reference pages)
  • The title page should include the first and last names of all team members (team lead and team responsibilities for each member of the team should be identified)
  • An abstract is not required for this assignment
  • Team research paper required content:

    • Introduction (One paragraph summarizing the overall content of the paper)
    • Thesis statement (A statement that asserts the position the paper will be taking. It also points toward the paper’s development. Generally, the thesis statement will be placed at the end of the first paragraph of the paper.
    • Literature review (Description of past important research and how it specifically relates to the research thesis. The review should examine the major theories related to the topic to date and their contributors. It should include all relevant findings from credible sources, such as academic book and peer-reviewed journal articles. Explain how the literature helps the researcher understand the topic. Try to show connections and any disparities between the literature. Reveal any gaps that exist in the literature
    • Discussion (The purpose of the discussion is to interpret and describe what you have learned from the research. Make the reader understand why your topic is important. The discussion will always connect to the introduction, your thesis statement, and the literature you reviewed.)
    • Conclusion (A brief summary of your main ideas and restates the paper’s main thesis, giving the reader the sense that the stated goal of the paper has been accomplished.)
  • Save as a Word document (not Pdf)

Research Paper In a Word document, team members will collaboratively write a team research paper. You will use the approved topic from your research proposal. I have attached the word doc (BIG DATA
BIG DATA TOPIC PROPOSAL Names University of Cumberlands To Dr.Robin Salyers Cloud Computing BIG DATA TOPIC PROPOSAL Summary of the paper’s main ideas For this paper, we have selected big data as a cloud computing topic, a relatively new technological invention, and there are few types of researches conducted in this field. However, the big data topic is crucial, and most organizations are benefitting by applying this technology. Throughout the study, we will understand the costs and benefits of using this technology dispute several problems encountered by the organization. Our research will further seek to explore some companies and industries that have applied big data such as; healthcare, insurance, financial, transport, etc. the term big data is used while describing vast amounts of information and data which can be either unstructured or structured collected during the organization’s regular operation. Big data is related to cloud computing, where an organization has to store large amounts of data in secure and cheaper storage. The hard drive storage cannot hold large amounts of data; it is highly insecure and leads to network failures. This is why most organizations are preferring to shift towards cloud storage. Additionally, most firms prefer this storage form due to lower costs where one pays for only the space used when procuring public clouds. (Ferguson, A. G. 2017). Inspiration for our topic We have selected this topic due to several of our group members agreeing unanimously to support it due to several benefits. The first inspiration is the ability to make faster and more informed decisions through big data. This involves carrying out dig data analytics on the collected and stored data. Through the analytics, the management can understand; market trends, customer preferences, etc., which reduces wastage, better competition, and increased revenues. The second inspiration for this topic is the machine learning process, which has been developed recently. This is where computers are set to become more flexible and adaptable in handling complex organization models. It ensures the decisions made throughout the organization are aligned to the organization’s goals. As future leaders, we expect that this tool will be essential for providing better and competitive decisions at our workplaces. Thirdly, this course has also been inspired by this course, where we have learned about cloud computing and how it affects most organizations through the introduction of big data. Through this technology, organizations can relate well with customers, stakeholders, and employees by designing a process to identify and mitigate workplace issues. It also improves customer satisfaction where organizations understand what they require, and it is supplied on time. (Lee, I. 2017). A brief overview of the topic Data includes symbols, characters, and quantities on which computers are made by computers, either stored or transmitted as a signal. In contrast, big data involves collecting a massive volume of data that keeps on growing depending on its effort to understand its external environment. This data cannot be stored in offsite storage devices like hard drives, thumb drives, etc. However, due to the introduction of cloud computing, organizations can collect and hold any secure and reliable information. An example of big data is where Facebook has released reports that over 500 terabytes of data are created on their database each day coming from user’s images, comments, messages, video records, etc., implying that big data is highly applicable for the organization. (Ferguson, A. G. 2017). Why the topic is of personal interest This topic is of personal interest to the team since, as IT experts, we are working in various technological fields providing services to the management and customers. However, before introducing cloud storage, keeping information safe from hackers and loss was brutal. Additionally, there is a policy of accountability and individual responsibility where the IT teams are blamed in case of a breach or network failure. However, with the introduction of this technology, cybersecurity, and network failure incidents have reduced, making our work more comfortable and the department’s and organization’s demands. Benefits of big data to us. This research topic will have several benefits to us not only academically but also professionally. For example, it will help us to understand more about big data and cloud computing in general. This is because we will read and analyze several sources while developing the literature. This will improve our knowledge and improve our academic performance. Secondly, the topic will help us become more productive at work by assisting the management in the decision-making process. We will be collecting data and making analyses, and coming up with conclusions that can be applied when making decisions. (Lee, I. 2017). References Ferguson, A. G. (2017). The rise of big data policing. New York University Press. Lee, I. (2017). Big data: Dimensions, evolution, impacts, and challenges. Business Horizons, 60(3), 293-303.

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