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Make sure the written
report (the essay) of your project is
at least 4-pagesin length notincluding the cover
page, reference page, graphs, or any other appendices/schedules

Below is a list of items that you will need to incorporate
into your mass manufacturing business. You are to
create a manufacturing plant with 2 separate divisions
. Each division
will make one type of product (i.e. Textbooks and Pens or Shoes and Purses). You will prepare a professional written
report and include three different budgets. You may also include a graph which will
examine the business just before the opening day

As the CEO, you need to consider and research most of the
items (especially the bolded ones): 

1.  What is (are) the equipment(s) needed in
order to start the operation
(make sure to include prices of the

  2.  What
types of products will be sold

  3.  How many process systems will it take to make
these items?

  4.  What
type of management
(centralized or

  5.  How
much will your products sell for

  6.  How are you going to set your Selling Price?

  7.  How
much will each factory worker be paid?
(Provide a general annual wages).

  8.  How
many hours per day will you open and how many days per week?

   9.  List
and express in dollars your factory estimated variable, fixed and mixed    costs when

  10. Prepare at least three different budgets and show where the
numbers come from

  a.  Flexible division budget; b. Zero-based budget;
c.  Sales budget

  d.  Production budget; e.  DM budget; f. 
COGS budget; g.  Cash payment

What is included in administration and selling expenses?

Calculate the Break Even Point in
Unit and in Dollar

   13.  Determine the company’s Rate of Return.

Prepare a budgeted income
statement or a simple income statement

Provide a Works Cited page for
your three sources

Key for a higher grade:

Make sure to write your responses to the questions above
as an Essay format
; do not
simply list your response(s) to the question(s). Prepare any budgets and graphs
separately and include them as appendices at the end of the written report. I
highly recommend to research an existing mass manufacturing business and mimic
their production/systems

Some examples may include EnerDel, Kellogg, Nestle, Vera
Bradley, and GM.

This project is not intended
to be completed during one evening,

so make sure to plan
accordingly in order to meet the due date

See the General Instructions and
the Tips document, in Moodle, for more details.

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