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    I can agree there are generational differences in the approaches concerning police work. To start recruitment for millennials has become a department in itself. Millennials rely heavily on technology and use social media to communicate and check out the public’s opinion of the organization. While baby boomers typically do not rely on social media or the internet when considering a new position. Tailoring training to be flexible and interactive, mixing up the training between online and hands on training as much as possible. Advancements in technology allow for quicker response times and information ready at a moment’s notice. Technology has also allowed for training to be safer, for example in virtual reality environments to imitate potential scenarios they may encounter. 


Power DMS by NEOGOV. (2020, December 29). Millennials in Law Enforcement: Recruiting, Training, Supervising.  Power DMS.

In response to two of your peers, discuss whether or not changes in recruitment, retention, training, or technology will affect the next generation of officers.

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