Respond to each classmate with 100 words or more This is the question they had to answer. Why is the meaning of words important to the discussion of business ethics? Give your definition of business

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Respond to each classmate with 100 words or more

This is the question they had to answer.

Why is the meaning of words important to the discussion of business ethics? Give your definition of business ethics and the worldview that shapes the definition.

Classmate 1

In my opinion, business ethics are the standards in which business is conducted and delivered, professionalism. I can recall, as a young girl working well known franchise.  The franchise always stated that regardless of the situation, the customer is right. The words “the customer is always right” can be looked at as business ethics. The teaching of the customer is right, can be identified as a form of respect or honor. Welcome to McDonald’s, is an example of professionalism in a business setting.

The Ten Commandments in my opinion can be considered the worldview of business ethics. The Ten Commandments is the teaching of how to conduct yourself.  I consider them as the ethical standards of life. Looking at the eight commandment, Thou shall not steal, this is most definitely a business ethic. I can’t see where any employer would hire someone that steals. When an employee is thought to have stolen something, is investigated and they are charged with the crime.

The use and meaning of words can be interrupted in many ways, therefore words are important to the discussion of business ethics. The clear understanding of what is expected within the business will assist in the successfulness of the business. When everyone understand what is required the job duties can be better fulfilled.

Classmate 2

The meaning of words is important to the discussion of business ethics because some people tend to use words interchangeably while conveying their understanding of the topic.  Three such words are ethics, morals and values.  An individual’s ethics should speak to what he should do in a given situation.  And, whatever he does in that situation should be good because of his unyielding and universal standards.  An individual’s morals are centered-around the standards he acquired from a specific group of people who were doing something (good or bad) at a particular time.  Morals are dynamic.  An individual’s values are subjective.  His values are what he believes to be important.

My definition of business ethics is based upon the Christian worldview.  It is based upon how I perceive the world to be.  Business ethics is the art of applying the concept of right and wrong throughout an organization’s internal and external dealings.  It involves my having and understanding my own ethics, as well as understanding the ethics of other employees and of the organization.  It is my duty to acknowledge and to respect their ethics.  However, I am not compelled to agree with them.  Nor am I obligated to compromise my own ethics for them.  I just must be able to find common ground with their ethics.  However, in doing so, I should not just ignore my own ethics.  I should not follow suit and compromise my ethics just because other employees have assimilated their morals to accommodate the organization’s business ethics.  Walking my own path may cause me to be seen as a shadow leader, which can have a positive effect on the organization as a whole.  “That thou mayest walk in the way of good men, and keep the paths of the righteous” (KJV, Proverbs 2:20).

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