Response paper: “Shin Godzilla.”

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all the writing assignments should be written in MLA format, double-spaced. The font should be Times New Roman, 12 points. A delay will cause a reduction of credits. The grade breaks down into the following sections: Response Papers: 75% (5 x 15%), 4 pages each + a list of cited works Response papers are the short written responses on the literary and cinematic materials. Students may choose one or several from the indicated materials and engage with it/them deeply. They can also engage with the films and literature from the former weeks. The response should include a paper title, a clear research question, logical and well-structured analyses, examples from the indicated materials or daily life, and a list of cited works

not too much a summary. Make sure that you establish a well-explained research concern and analyze in detail. The information of the film should be showed along with your interpretation and analysis. Try to avoid the plain description of plots and charaters.

it is not necessary to write an introductory paragraph. Please skip the rhetorical narratives or the information that is irrelevant to your analyses and go directly to your research concern.

lease raise your research questions in a body paragraph. You don’t have to separate them out. Your research questions should be deepened.

  1. Watch Anno Hideaki’s 2016 movie, “Shin Godzilla.” Please find it on Amazon instant video. Feel free to use other sources if you like.

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