Response to two questions

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Nobles charter school mission statement

Noble is a catalyst for educational equity in Chicago that empowers students with the scholarship, discipline, and honor necessary to succeed in college and lead exemplary lives.

I’m a Paraprofessional so it’s in regards to that.
I’m currently a paraprofessional at a high school now. The first part is only 150 words max. Noble is the name of the school and they have a mission statement. The second part doesn’t have a word count on it. Is this better to understand it now how I have it.

Short Answer Questions

What about Noble’s mission interests you and why? (150 word limit)**

I’m a paraprofessional so it’s in regards to that for this question behind this sentence. In your current (or most recent) role, what are the one or two key goals that you are tracking to assess your performance? Please provide an analysis of your progress and what you have done or plan to do to improve outcomes. Please use data where relevant*

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