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In responding to at least two of your classmates’ posts, offer an assessment of their recommendations and make an argument for at least one different recommendation. Be sure to offer an explanation for your alternative recommendation. 

Speak in first person

Keziah Discussion:

For my final paper, I chose the hospital that I work for.  I chose this hospital not only because I work there but I have responsibility in my role for the economics for the department.  The hospital is a non-profit organization and because of that status it is required to complete a community needs assessment every three years. Southern New Hampshire Health Systems’ community needs assessment from 2021 revealed a need for behavioral health, which includes mental health, substance misuse and suicide prevention (“2021 Community”, n.d.).  The organization has already taken steps to support this problem. The integration of peer recovery coaches within the emergency department has been operationalized.  Peer recovery coaches can assist with the mental health needs of the patient, the substance use disorder patients as well as community outreach assistance.  There are several peer recovery coaching organizations that are available, and for a fee come into an organization to assist (Mosaic, 2023).  This support system can help minimize the negative impact of not being allowed to board behavioral health patients for more than 6 hours by tapping into resources who are not directly involved in patient care.  This allows a dedicated team to assist with discharge planning and greater resources.  This will set the patient, upon discharge, up for success.

Another recommendation from my final paper was the integration of the EMR.  While the organization already has an EMR in place, it is not being used to it’s fullest potential.  The previous leadership team was not as interested in the technology which caused a digital divide in the organization.  Since the interest was not there, there was not much thought or care about the implementation or training of the EMR.  Just as the leadership was separated from the importance so were the members of the community that the organization serves.  The organization has since implemented assistance programs to support patients.  Saeed, et al. (2019) recommend e-health literacy assessments as well as interventions. Included in this support is the distribution of information that is in the patient’s native language and easy to understand.  I would like to work on implementing the e-health literacy assessments with our population to understand where the gaps are.


Congratulations to everyone for making it through the course!  Best of luck in the rest of your studies.



Mosaic Group. (2023). 
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Saeed, S. A., & Masters, R. M. (2021). Disparities in Health Care and the Digital Divide. 
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Wislyne Discussion:

Recommendations for Addressing Disparities at The Ascension Illinois-Behavioral Health Children’s Centre

The Ascension Illinois Behavioral Health Children’s Centre is a renowned healthcare facility that delivers children’s behavioral health services. The center provides various therapeutic interventions, counseling, and support programs to prioritize young patients’ mental and emotional well-being. The organization is located in Illinois and serves a diverse community of children from different backgrounds, addressing their unique needs. The center is dedicated to providing high-quality care and addressing the complex challenges faced by young patients in the region, making it a fundamental component of children’s behavioral healthcare. In the ever-changing healthcare environment, legislative changes can create disparities. The Ascension Illinois Behavioral Health Children’s Centre must proactively strategize to provide equitable care to its diverse patients. As a significant provider of behavioral health services for children, the organization can implement specific measures to reduce potential adverse economic effects and disparities.

1. Proactive Outreach and Education:

Targeted community outreach is essential. The organization can raise awareness of its services among families from diverse backgrounds through hosting informative sessions, workshops, and events. This approach enhances access to care and empowers families with the necessary knowledge to navigate potential economic policy changes.

2. Rigorous Quality Assurance:

To provide consistent and high-quality care, the Children’s Centre needs to set up reliable quality assurance procedures. Regular audits, evaluations, and feedback loops guarantee that the care given is unaffected by economic changes. By fostering a sense of dependability and trust in the community, this strategy strengthens the organization’s dedication to providing equal treatment.

3. Cultural Competence Initiatives:

The organization should give cultural competence a priority in its service delivery in light of the diverse communities it serves. An inclusive atmosphere is promoted by providing staff training on culturally sensitive procedures and customizing treatment plans to reflect the cultural norms of patients. This not only improves patient happiness but also eliminates any potential differences brought on by cultural misinterpretations.

4. Collaborative Partnerships:

The organization’s efforts can be strengthened by cultivating alliances with neighborhood associations, academic institutions, and healthcare providers in the area. These partnerships enable the sharing of resources, the exchange of expertise, and cooperative attempts to reduce economic inequality. Collaboration with various stakeholders improves the ability to minimize any potential adverse effects.

Conclusion: A Resolute Commitment to Equitable Care

Finally, The Ascension Illinois Behavioral Health Children’s Centre has the resources to foresee possible disparities brought on by changes in economic policy. By putting the advice above into practice, the organization reaffirms its dedication to providing equal treatment independent of outside economic factors. The organization is prepared to be a beacon of resiliency, compassion, and inclusivity in the face of changing healthcare dynamics by maintaining its crucial role in the lives of young patients. Through these proposals, the Children’s Centre demonstrates its commitment to influencing a future where access to equal healthcare is a steady reality.

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