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Vulnerable populations are those who need particular consideration paid to health care such as disabled, extremely old or young, LGBT population, or those uninsured or underinsured (Green, 2018). Patients who are among the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community are varied in their vulnerability even within their own community. Those in the community come from all walks of life, rich/poor, different ethnicities and races. An insured Caucasian middle class bisexual person married to an opposite sex partner will be less vulnerable than an uninsured poor African American transgendered person. Recent estimates have placed the number of adults in the United States who identify as LGBT at about 4% with 11% acknowledging some same sex attraction (De Guzman, 2018). According to the CDC, about one fourth of transgender women are HIV positive and more than half of African American transgender women are HIV positive (HIV/AIDS, 2018). The LGBT community and specifically the transgender community have faced stigma, discrimination, and family rejection. The family rejection leads to higher rates of homelessness among the community and higher rates of survival prostitution (HIV/AIDS, 2018). The public health nurse is obligated to be a voice for this community, showing understanding, empathy and compassion. Resources available to patients are available from the CDC which include the Center of Excellence for Transgender Health, ActUp, and funding for Health Department Demonstration Projects (HIV/AIDS, 2018).


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