Review and Reflect

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Assuming the role of an agent from the case below in the international criminal justice system, answer the following questions.

1. What challenges did you face as the agent?

2. If you could have changed something legally within the case what would it have been, and why?…

In response to your peers, based on their posts discuss what you see as the future of international criminal activity and international criminal justice.

Peer post one

1. As the agent in the case I faced several issues. During the “Operation Ghost Stories” investigation I had to work with a diverse group of US Federal investigatory agencies to include the FBI, the US Attorney’s Office and the Department of Justice. Working with the agencies was very interesting due to the locations of the suspects in 4 states and the fact that the foreign agents were also using false identities. On top of them being unregistered foreign agents acting in an unlawful manner, most of them were also involved in money laundering. Communication with other domestic agencies was key to the successful completion of the case leading to the expulsion of the agents from the US and also with recovering 4 persons of interest from the Russian Federation that the US wanted back. Though we have no extradition treaty with the Russian Federation, we were still able to work out a deal that satisfied both governments.

2. If I could have changed something legally in the case, it would have been the handoff with the Russian Federation. We traded 10 individuals that were actively involved with espionage (not to a great deal of success) for 4 individuals back. I would have done a 1 for 1 or even a 2 for 1, and then hammer the others with a 20 year sentence for not registering as agents in conjunction with the money laundering charges. Maybe help discourage future endeavors of foreign agents to not register and pursue work outside of their official duties in the consulate of their country. But, with the way it was handled it will hopefully lead to improved foreign relations with the Russians and be more beneficial in the long run for the United States.

Peer post 2

In my opinion, the most challenging part for my case of Operation Ghost Stories would be related to information. The amount of redacted information provided from the actual FBI website provided little to no help in the overall formation of my own case. It made me have to search out resources online that were essentially summaries of what the FBI provided with almost no new information. As for what I would change, It would be in relation to the Russian/American spy swap. There was a time period of less than two weeks from arrest to trial for the swap. to me, it seems as if it was previously planned just to get some U.S assets back. I would of suggested more time to get a proper investigation time period for more information.

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