Revise Memo Analysis of Technical Communication and write a memo memo that details your composing process

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This assignment is related to an assignment you have submitted to me a while ago which is an analysis of 3 examples of technical communication. Our professor gave us comments which I’m going to attach and asked us to do a revision for the assignment. This assignment consists of two parts: first I want you do a revision for the paper I submitted (I’m going to attach it) taking into consideration every comment she stated. Most of the revisions are small besides the part where she mentioned about rethinking the organization, another part where she talked about adding more evidence (screenshots from examples) to support your claims about audience and purpose, and finally stating the purpose of the memo at the beginning of the paragraph and using “I” throughout the paper because it is addressed to our professor. Those shouldn’t take too long either. Also, one very important thing that was not mentioned on the comments but I want you to edit is the paper format. What I mean by that is mixing bullet points with paragraphs on every section to avoid having long paragraphs and increase readability. As you can see on the paper I attached, we only see paragraphs after paragraphs which makes the paper difficult to read, so I want you to add bullet points as much as possible in different sections where it is appropriate like you did on the previous assignment. After you’re done with the revision, for the second part of the assignment you would have to write a -2 page, single-spaced memo that details your composing
process, with discussion of both the original version Memo
Analysis you have submitted to me a while ago and the revised version. So please make sure to discuss your composing process of the original version first then continue with the revised version where you will talk about all the things you have revised(pretty much every comments the professor mentioned). Please do not forget to use headers for different sections, mix bullet points with paragraphs to increase readability for this memo as well, it is really important. The memo can be more than two pages because bullet points will take space, no problem with that.

Just to make things clear there will be two deliverables: revised version of the paper that I submitted which I will attach and two pages single spaced memo that details your composing process of the original version analysis you wrote and your revised one.

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