revised paper on the most obese nations. human growth and development class

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Students are expected to submit college-level papers; that is, you are expected to use proper grammar, correct syntax, and proper spelling. Students who have not completed their English courses and/or have difficulty with composition skills should avail themselves of the assistance of the learning resource center. Check your papers using the Writing Errors Handout and other handouts prior to submission. Papers must adhere to the current publication manual of the American Psychological Association (APA) which includes double spacing and the use of 12 point Times New Roman font. Papers that do not meet the specified criteria, are poorly written, or do not contain a thoughtful evaluation of the topic will be returned to the student for revision. Revised papers will be eligible for a maximum score of 75%. You may revise your paper more than once, if time allows, to achieve a 75% maximum grade. Use in-text citations, a title page, at least two pages of text (21 lines for a full page) and an APA reference page

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