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first answer the question in the attachment then it will be easier to write the paper according to this

paper about the work that you will do , answer some questions and i will send the rubric and i will attach the question paper answer them before you start

Analyze a single public document which may be a website produced by or about the site used in your observation essay. Alternatively, the document might be the homepage or social media site of a celebrity, a brand, or a well-known organization.

This essay will analyze the rhetorical choices the author (or authoring agency) is making in the source, identifying author, audience, purpose, argument, and perspective. Ask why the author(s) chose the specific words and images in the source, why they chose its color scheme, why they chose a particular mode of distribution (pamphlet, website, promotional video, flyer etc.), what information they make, through arrangement, most visible in the text, what emotional appeals they make on their audience, etc. In the case of social media sites, be sure to take note of which aspects of the site are a function of the choice of the author(s) and which are dictated by the platform.

In your 3 page essay (MLA format, Times New Roman or Arial font), support a thesis about the text’s choices with details from the text itself. You may also include some screenshots as evidence in your rhetorical analysis.

Outcomes for EN 101 Rhetorical Analysis
• Identify how the purpose of text is achieved through the choices a writer makes
• Evaluate the degree to which the argumentative choices a writer makes are effective and ethical
• Determine the effects of point of view on an author’s interpretation/argument
• Organize prose giving priority to more important ideas
• Demonstrate effective logical reasoning in written prose
• Incorporate paraphrases and quotations smoothly and honestly into writing

Due Dates:
Rhetorical Analysis worksheet, notes, and document due in class on Monday 10/17

then Revised Essay Due i will post the paper that you have to answer then start doing the essay about Operah twitter page only one page pic and tweets take a screen shoot and write about it

first answer the questions then write the essay


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