Riders in the Storm: Ethics in an Age of Climate Change, writing homework help

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make sure about the requirements.

this is the link for the book where you van find the answers.


the book name is

Riders in The Storm: Ethics in an Age of Climate Change,

by Brian G. Henning, (Winona, MN: Anselm Academic, 2015).

Requirements— Your responses should be approximately the word total suggested for each of the five questions. These suggestions are approximate. Also, the text must be double spaced.

(NOTE: there is a 2/3 letter grade penalty for noncompliance with the underlined factor). For a heading on the paper, use whatever you like as long as your name is present.


1. Within the context of our readings regarding environmental ethics, discuss the difference between instrumental value and intrinsic value. You may use definitions or examples to illustrate, but quotes can comprise no more than 30% of the word total. (100 wds.)

2. Explain what Henning calls the mainstream moral paradigm, and what he considers its deficiencies. (100 wds.)

3. What are the features of climate change that render the issues involved so alien to our usual notions of commonsense morality? (100 wds.)

4. What are problems with using the concept of luxury versus subsistence emissions in establishing permissible thresholds for GHG emissions? (100 wds.)

5. Jamieson says that ideas to revise morality to encompass a unique issue like climate change takes two strategies. Describe each: Do you think either is promising? (100 wds.)


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