Riding With the Field Training Officer, assignment help

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Riding With the Field Training Officer.
You are a rookie police officer and are riding with a field training officer (FTO). During your shift the FTO stops at a convenience store and quickly drinks four beers in the back room of the store. He is visibly affected by the beers and the smell of alcohol is very noticeable. The store is located adjacent to a wooded area where there is a homeless encampment. The FTO states to you that he plans on dealing with the homeless and their vagrancy once and for all. He opens the trunk of the police cruiser and retrieves a pepper-ball gun, a non-lethal weapon that fires plastic projectiles that burst on impact and emit an irritant. He walks over to the edge of the encampment and begins firing the pepper balls at the camp, ordering the homeless to disperse. Many of the homeless people are sleeping and not resisting. There are also a few children present.
Based on the above scenario, determine what you would do in this situation.by addressing the following in your main post:
Articulate the basis for your action or inaction in the scenario.
Explain the possible departmental and individual implications based on your decision.
Describe an ethical dilemma criminal justice professionals face when witnessing misconduct by supervisors.
Evaluate how police misconduct can lead to human rights violations.


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