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Please answers each question with a MINIMUN of 13-15 LINES well organized.



Brand, Marketing and Management knowledge NEED TO BE INVOLVED

Read about Ritz Carlton’s Social Media Marketing Strategy using the following links and respond appropriately. 

 http://www.socialmediatoday.com/content/big-brand-theory-ritz-carlton-uses-social-media-create-indelible-memories (Enlaces a un sitio externo.)

http://pursuitist.com/luxury-hotels-social-media-the-ritz-carlton-hotel-company/ (Enlaces a un sitio externo.)

1. What are the main goals of Ritz Carlton’s social media strategy? How does it go about achieving these goals?

2.. Discuss the concept of engagement using the Ritz Carlton perspective. How is it different from traditional      hospitality measurement terms of success?

3. How are social channels such as Pinterest and Instagram used by the typical Ritz Carlton guest? 

4. Explain the Hub and Spoke model utilized by Ritz Carlton. Are there any negative implications associated with the associated autonomy? 

5. Provide your interpretation of the following phrase “Social assets increase ability to be organically discovered“.


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