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  In a one-page Word document, summarize each of the issues faced by the hospitals detailed in the interactive scenario. 

 you will assume the role of a member of a management team evaluating the IT infrastructure in place at the recently acquired rural hospitals. Specifically focusing on health informatics technology, you will interview various department heads and other users at two hospitals in order to identify issues and concerns around performance, workflow, technology, and lifespan. The goal is to ensure the two hospitals have the health informatics infrastructure to meet the strategic goals of the organization as it grows.  

Vila Health leadership wants to be sure that the IT infrastructure at each of the newly acquired rural hospitals is sufficient to support the strategic goals of the organization as it grows. Health Information managers have been tasked with determining how to assess performance, workflow, technology, and lifespan of the existing systems, along with identifying any issues, bugs, or concerns about the various components that make up the Health Information systems at the target hospitals. This information will be used to create and implement a plan for evaluating the current situation. 

 The idea is to describe how you will analyze performance – what the measures are and how you might go about getting data around those measures.

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