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I think people have the right to believe whatever they want. The problem with people believing whatever they want is the actions they take based on that belief can sometimes hurt others and be unethical. The example given by Clifford about his ship definitely caused harm to others and he did not have respect for other people’s beliefs and opinions regarding the integrity of his ship. I don’t think we should believe everything we are told, but rather we should make an informed decision to believe or not. Credibility is an important consideration to make when deciding who to believe, even by “authority”. I think that respect for others and for yourself is so important when it comes to deciding what to believe. People in positions of “authority” typically have some level of credibility to make it to their current position. I think it is still healthy to question the integrity of their statements and build some trust before believing “authority”. Once a person in authority has built trust with their audience, it is easier to believe what they have to say. Since we have seen historically theories and laws can be disapproved and changed, I think the belief in science is relative to the current facts and evidence. I think faith is needed in science because faith is the belief in things unseen. For example, in science, both Creation and the Theory of Evolution require faith in a belief that cannot be seen. One is the belief in a Big Bang that created everything and the other is the belief that a Creator designed and created everything. 



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