SCM 610 Update

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I need help with updating my attachments with the current information below that the teach is requesting.

  • Tables: consider updating to include required APA formatting (not that this is the best-in-the-world layout, but it’s an exercise in matching a required format – for example, your company’s style!) The Word Document File
  • Score/Importance ( The Excel File)

    • You MUST compute a SINGLE score/importance for each question. Chapter 10 describes this through the Consensus Building Session, but our assignment clearly states to AVERAGE the score/importance in lieu of consensus (since you don’t have access to the people!). Note – you can’t make any decisions from 10 different answers.

    • You MUST compute a PRIORITY for each question (based on above) – you correctly list the right titles but consider also connecting the given color-scheme to easy matching

    • Your gaps MUST comes from your analysis – not subjective guessing – use the exact questions to state your gaps.

    • Don’t forget the recommendations once you have your final 2 lists.

    Chapter 10 provides
    the step-by-step process with examples. ( I’ve
    included the highlights in the power point slides)

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