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For this first reading assignment, scan through the research article (Links to an external site.) (this was passed out in lecture on Thursday). This research article is an example of how psychologists (and other scientists) write about their research studies, and describe what they did and what they found.

Research articles can be full of confusing terminology and statistics, that you may not have enough information to fully understand. That’s okay! YOU DO NOT NEED TO FULLY UNDERSTAND EVERY PART OF THIS PAPER!This reading response is meant to guide you through the main parts of a paper, which we’ll discuss in more detail next week.

So, use the research article to answer the following questions. Please number your responses to help me grade and give you full credit.

  1. What’s something you learned from the introduction? What’s something that you thought was interesting?
  2. What’s a term, phrase, or sentence from the introduction that confused you? What confused you about this?
  3. Read through the methods section, and look over the ways the researchers studied the variables in the study (e.g., social support, fear of missing out, objective use of social media). What seems VALID about these measures (if anything)? What issues, problems, or biases do you think there are (if any)?
  4. Skim through the result section, and focus on the graphs : what’s something you understood or learned from this part of the research paper? What’s something that confused you?
  5. Read or skim through the discussion section. What results seem the most important, to this study?
  6. Read or skim through the limitation section. Which limitation (that the authors raise) seems like the biggest problem in the study? Are there other limitations that you notice or think might effect the results?
  7. Overall, are you convinced by the claims of this study (specifically, that ” LIMITING SOCIAL MEDIA
  8. What was the experience of reading a research article like? Had you read anything like this before? What are some strengths and weaknesses of this type of text? What’s similar and different about this text to some of the other texts you read (like books, twitter, etc.)
  9. Finally, are there any questions you have about the reading?

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