self assessment

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Complete this as thoroughly as you can. This entry will also be used as a diagnostic to make sure you’re placed correctly into this course. So, do your best on it, but don’t take it to a Writing Center or peer tutor–this should just be your work so I can get a sense of your writing right now.

  • Now that you have entered college, write a short narrative—a sketch that moves clearly from one detailed point to the next—to document and describe important moments in your development as a reader, a writer, a critical thinker, and a communicator. This “literacy narrative” should use between 2 and 5 examples from your personal history—both in school and out of school—that have shaped your perspective on reading and writing, and defined your academic interests, your ways of thinking about and strategizing your writing assignments in school, and your sense of style when you write and communicate in both school-related and non-school related contexts. As you recount key examples from your past, give your reader a clear overarching message that 1) assesses your strengths and weaknesses as a reader, a writer, and a communicator and 2) articulates two or three new elements that you would like to see become part of your personal “literacy narrative” as a college-level writer.
  • I’m looking for 700 words.

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