service project for quot history amp literature of ancient israel quot

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Required service experience of at least 10 hours.

3 page essay which i reflect on those service project in light of insights gained from study of the Old Testament. 

Due April 28,2015


 This is a essay for a bible class I’m taking at a christian school and they allowed us to do our community service anywhere we wanted. I did do 15 hours at a close church around my area i can give you a few things you guys can write about to make it less stressful!

>St. John Vianney Catholic Church

>Communtiy service was every saturday from 8am- 2pm 

>It was a food drive for the homeless near our area

>they where able to choose one item per table in each table they had

>1st table had bread,2nd dairy foods,3rd misilanian foods, 4th meets, & 5th veggies and fruits 🙂

I hope that helps a bit, Good luck!:)

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