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1.The Bible is a compliation of Hebrew history and culture. It is divided into five categories. However, the three most important are the (1)the law,(2)the Prophets, and(3)the writings. Using the above categories identify and list the subject matter for each area. (for this QA, need you to have two different answers two answers in one page)

for the rest 4 QAs just need one page total

2.From the Poetics, by Aristotle, list the 11 points of the perfect art form. Futher,are they (1)useful for 21st century artistic expression, and (2) would you add/subtract to the list?

3.Opera as we know it today(in its many forms) was created by Plautus(a Greek playwriter) in 254B.C. Its basic form centered around the (1) protagonist,(2)the usage of language, and(3)message to the theatre audience. Please ecplain the importance of these ideas to modern theatre productions.

4.From the evidence presented in your text, and from any other material you can find,evaluate the statement that the art theart of the Stone Age indicates that human beins were as fully developed in their humanity as current humans are.
5..Theatre comes closest to personalizing the joy(s) and suffering(s) we experience in our daily lives. it is live people acting out situations and lifelike circumstances. please interpret the following statement in the context of personal “tragedy”


need be done in 5 hours

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