Short essays

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Short Essays: Be prepared to answer the following questions.

1. Compare and contrast domestic and international HRM.

2. How is culture relevant to IHRM? What insights do the Hofstede and the GLOBE studies provide?

3. Describe typical stages of firms expanding into international business and describe the impact of each stage on HRM.

4. In MNEs what factors drive standardization versus localization of HR policies, processes, routines, procedures and practices?

5. Compare and contrast the strategic opportunities for HRM in the formation process of cross-border mergers, acquisitions, and, international joint-ventures.

6. Discuss the causes as well as the direct and indirect costs of expat failures. How can the number of such failures be reduced?

7. Discuss the potential value and liabilities for HR of utilizing international assignments.

8. Why is it important to include hard, soft and contextual goals when assessing international managerial performance?

9. What is repatriation, when should an organization address this issue and what are best practices?

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