Short report on the film ‘Selena’

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WRITE a beautiful, well-argued essay. Do not write the paper like a blow-by-blow question/answer lab report! Be sure to address the following questions in your report:

  1. Cite and quote Inglis to explain whether you think the film follows the genre expectations of the biopic (i.e., we watch the musician triumph after overcoming various difficulties)? Selena’s family and husband authorized this film, and her father Abraham Quintanilla was its executive producer. How do you think that shaped the film’s depiction of her? Do you think biopic films about musicians are generally boring and predictable, or can they be a way to see the performer in a new way and to appreciate his/her work in new ways?
  2. The film depicts a rich variety of popular musics in the Mexican/American community in the 1960s-1990s. How are ideas about “Mexican music” and “gringo music” explored throughout the film?
  3. Several performance scenes depict Selena coming into a sense of her own power. Describe in detail one such scene in which Selena sings, and explain why that scene is important for the film.
  4. Discuss how the film explores the American dream, the desire for middle-class security, the importance of family, and the absolute authority of Selena’s father within her family. How is Selena y Los Dinos an extension of her father’s dreams?
  5. In what ways are women’s roles portrayed in the film, and in the Tejano scene at the time? What other female popular singers of the time does the film mention, and to make what points?
  6. How does the film convey a strong message of Mexican American pride? What does Abraham Quintanilla say about why it’s “hard to be Mexican American,” and how is this depicted through the band’s experiences?

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