socialization take home essay

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  • Please double-space (with 0 pt. before/after) your work, and use 12 pt font. ASA formatting is required. A resource guide has been posted to Canvas. If you cannot find the year of publication, the author’s last name will suffice). No reference page is required
  • Use any two articles from the course
  • When discussing each agent of socialization, please write a minimum of two paragraphs. For example, 2 paragraphs discussing family, two paragraphs discussing peers/friends, two paragraphs discussing school, two paragraphs discussing mass media. (Paragraphs should be at least 4 full sentences each)
  • Preferred Outline:
    • Intro paragraph with definition of socialization and thesis statement
    • Family and Socialization (minimum two paragraphs)
    • Peers/Friends (minimum two paragraphs)
    • Schools (minimum two paragraphs)
    • Mass Media (minimum two paragraphs)
    • Conclusion paragraph

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